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Desayuno con Juan! – Breakfast with Juan!

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This time around I’m writing in English – so the other half of my friends can have a little sneak peek in a day of Darja’s life as well.. I’ll try and make it short so I don’t fall into this non-sense babbling so typical for me.

Anyways – waking up, brushing teeth, little chatter with flatmates and having a good laugh while making coffee – the way I’m trying to start my weekend routine on Friday the 13th (I usually don’t work on Fridays!). But there’s a twits in the story this morning – internet is not working! Quite weird to realize I can’t really drink my morning coffee without having something to read about – newspaper would do – but the ones we have are out of date.. Anyway – annoyed by the lack of brain activity I leave the coffee untouched and head to the post office – feeling like sending some postcards again, no one is doing it anymore, makes it that much special then. What a retro thing to do, ai :)

Coming back to my cold cup of coffee I see text on my phone – can it be that an unknown number belongs to a long lost friend?! What a surprise! And it does – it’s Juan!! Don’t really know how some people manage to brighten what already is a gorgeous day with their sole presence, but I couldn’t stop smiling form ear to ear. So yes, of course, tell me where you are Juan, I will come there (and as I’m writing this, in my mind i’m going trough all the worst places he could be at this very moment – from North Shore to god forsaken Papakura or something! – got a lot of busing to do to get there!) And he says he’s in Kingsland – few hundred meters away from the train station! Seriously – it cannot be that bloody easy! I live across the highway, few hundred meters away from the station, too. Breakfast! – goes trough both of our heads. See you in half an hour. As I rush to look presentable for an old friend, I of course show up late. And there he is – a character from once upon a time, leaning easy against the city light pole, staring at his iphone, probably texting me that I”m late. So funny, not truly aware of the moment, is this a mirage or a real person! He looks all the same, just as I remember him the last time I saw him – on a boat on the river near Vietnamese/Cambodian border.

This is how we rolled once upon a time in Vietnam :)

Since I just dropped you in all this Juan morning – let me tell you a bit about our meeting. In December 2010 I was riding on this little van going from Vientiane (Laos)  to catch the bus heading to Hanoi (Vietnam). Six other people joined in half way trough. Six Latinos – one more chatty than another. And there was some troubles with bus tickets – I was supposed to go on a bus by myself, while every body else would go on another. As we were arguing with this “organizer” one of the guys I just met turned to me and said with this serious expression on his face: Shut up, you’re coming with us! And that’s how I met Juan. :) And so begins my three-weeks saga with Romanticos (our little traveling group of 7 and later 9). I remember Juan as my first Spanish teacher, guy with bad camera but great eye for photography, passionate about all new stuff he saw, fun loving, pure hedonist and great person to have all these conversations with.  And we still keep in touch every now and then – miracle of FB. :)

And now that he’s living in Sydney and I’m here in Auckland, he told me he’s coming over for some wedding. I dared not to think he would pass trough without at least having a coffee with me. I am glad the feeling was mutual. And so, these catching ups are tricky – you don’t want to dwell in the past for too long, been there done that, it’s a past – had great times but much has changed – we have changed. And I want to know what’s up with you now – the hopes and dreams for the future and all that super cool things that are happening now. And it’s great to see how we grow older, grow up. Sitting in the sun, chatting up, having breakfast, drinking coffee. And I catch myself staring at him like trying to check whether this all is real. It’s absolutely brilliant to meet him one more time, and be delighted at the same time that we can still find so many things to chat about without those awkward silences :) What a surreal start of the day! A long hug and he vanishes away, like a little mirage form the past/future.

Appreciate you taking time! All good to you Juan! :)

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